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Jul 12

Contango and Backwardation

Futures contracts have unique expiration dates. In the case of energy contracts, they expire on a ...

Jun 25

Kenya Exports First Consignment of Crude Oil

In a move that made Kenya the first East African country to export petroleum, President Uhuru ...

Jun 22

Expansion of Pakistan Oil Facilities Bringing Refinery Improvements and Foreign Investments

When it comes to Middle East oil storage, most of the petroleum products and crude oil is imported ...

Jun 06

Major Oil Storage Expansion in South Africa

The Southern Hemisphere will soon enjoy markedly improved access to oil storage facilities, with ...

Jun 05

OPEC and Russia Prepared to Increase Production Output

Members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and partners including ...

May 07

Crude Futures Rally, But Expectations May Wane

Initial Success From OPEC Cuts Crude oil futures have performed valiantly in the recent market, ...

Apr 10

Iraq Eyeing Expanded Oil Trade in Asia, Amid Larger Market Trends

The ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China is causing ripples throughout the oil trade, ...

Apr 09

China Seeks to Challenge Petrodollar

After 25 years of waiting, setbacks and aborted attempts, China made history on March 26, ...

Feb 26

Oil Steady Despite Protests Limiting Libyan Exports

Crude loadings at Mellitah, a major export terminal in El-Feel, will be “modified” after force ...

Feb 21

U.S. Crude Exports Hit a Major Milestone

Recently, the first supertanker loaded with U.S. crude oil set sail from the Louisiana Offshore Oil ...